Project Name

Village Profiles and Azahar Program Needs Assessment

Project Description

This project is designed to study, investigate, analyze and document the socio-economic conditions and needed programs and activities to mitigate the impact of the current unsecure political, economic and social conditions in the different Governorates of the west bank with main focus on the agricultural sector.

Project Objectives

* To survey, analyze and document the available natural, human, socioeconomic and environmental resources, and the existing limitations and needs assessment for the development of the rural and marginalized areas in the different Governorates.

* To prepare strategic developmental programs and activities in order to mitigate the impact of the current political, social, and economic instability with the main focus on the agricultural sector -with particular emphasis on the Azahar program objectives and activities.

Funded By


    Azahar Program:
The Azahar Program is an initiative of the (AECID), which is involved in Environment Protection and the Protection of Natural Resources in the Mediterranean Region.
    Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID)

Implemented By

    Applied Research Institute ~ Jerusalem (ARIJ)